Van To Change The Nation

April 15, 2021

Help Christafari get a new van and bring the Gospel to all 50 States!

When God first called us to travel outside of our hometown in the 1990s, it was to tour the United States. We ministered in 46 out of 50 states, we did so in 2 different vehicles: a converted school bus and a modified airport shuttle bus. But we saw a lot of lives impacted by Christ on that tour, and it was worth the cost.

Three decades later, we again feel the Lord calling us to tour the USA — especially as other Christian artists have indefinitely suspended touring here. This nation needs the Gospel now more than ever and so we’ve boldly dedicated all of 2021 to ministering in the 50 United States.

With vaccine passports inevitably on the horizon for future air travel, we have decided to travel to the lower 48 by ground. But we want to learn from our past mistakes, and rather than taking out a loan and buying an old unreliable vehicle, we want to get something that is new with the highest amount of safety measures.

In addition, we need a vehicle that some of us can sleep in, cook meals in, homeschool Ziza in, and that has a bathroom. This will ultimately save us time, money, and bring a modicum of sanity as we are on the road for the next nine months.

We humbly ask that you partner with us so that we can afford a large new Sprinter van, which will allow us to travel to as many states as possible this year. It would be incredible to not have to face the lengthy loan process and we believe it is God’s will for us to pay this off outright. We’ve already received 75% of the total value as a down payment for this vehicle through generous unsolicited donations from families who support this mission!

If you believe that this nation needs the Gospel now more than ever, and you want us to be safe and secure while we preach the Good News, would you please prayerfully consider partnering with us so that we can own a 24-foot sprinter van debt free? This will be instrumental in helping us reach the lost at any cost and make disciples of this nation!