New Single: No More (Tributo a Rescate)

December 1, 2022

Over 20 years ago, I popped into a studio in Miami with Ulises, (Rescate’s lead vocalist) to record the original version of this song. We began a relationship that day that blossomed into a few tours together, (including some shows in Europe and America).

At that time, his English was poor, and my Spanish was absolutely horrible, so we couldn’t talk to each other much without a translator. But we communicated on a different level musically and spiritually and remained friends until his untimely passing.

While we are deeply saddened after his home-going, we are encouraged to know that Ulises is surely with the Lord and his music continues on. And with the release of our interpretation of the song, it’s even more roots, reggae than before!

This revisiting of the original track that we sang together over two decades ago is our homage and tribute to a legendary band, an incredibly gifted singer, songwriter, and a good friend. We will be performing this song next weekend at three massive events in Argentina.