Reggae Revolution 2

May 7, 2012

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  1. Reggae Revolutionaries (feat. Solomon Jabby, Monty G, Sherwin Gardner, Jennifer Howland, Dillavou & Dyna)
  2. All over the World (feat. Roge Abergel & Kingdom Culture & Lynette White)
  3. Live up (feat. Dyna)
  4. Let Him Inside (feat. Mr. Lynx)
  5. These Words (I Love You) [feat. 'imisi]
  6. Your Name (feat. Elijah Kay)
  7. Bad Man Life (feat. Edward Holland Jr.)
  8. Don't Give up (feat. Jason "Todah" O'neil)
  9. Jehovah Jireh (feat. Gyamma)
  10. Mary Don't You Cry (Dubby Mix) [feat. Dillavou]
  11. Mary, Did You Know? (feat. Avion Blackman)
  12. Celebrate You (feat. Monty G)
  13. You Don't Know Love (feat. Troy Anthony)
  14. We Found It (Mountain Tops) [feat. Benjah]
  15. My Generation (feat. 'imisi)
  16. Celebrate You, Pt. 2 (feat. Monty G)
  17. Pon Di Rock (feat. Jah Pickney)
  18. I Will Win (feat. Sherwin Gardner)
  19. Maybe (feat. Vanessa Mardueño)
  20. Never Let Me Down (feat. Avion Blackman & Manifest)
  21. Roots Revival (feat. Dillavou)
  22. Faith in a Stranger (feat. Dillavou & Jennifer Howland)
  23. Third World Girl (Bashment Sound Remix) [feat. Avion Blackman, Jah Pickney & Jason Providence]
  24. Third World Girl (Island Boy Remix) [feat. Sherwin Gardner & J Prince]
  25. Push on (feat. Avion Blackman & Von Won)
  26. Pushing Full Watts (feat. Roge Abergel & Kingdom Culture & Dillavou)
  27. Mi Salvation (feat. Mr. Lynx)
  28. Celebrate Jesus Christ (feat. Elijah Kay)
  29. Gather All Your Weapons (feat. 'imisi)
  30. What Manner of Man (feat. Roge Abergel & Kingdom Culture & Solomon Jabby)
  31. Faithful One (feat. Tiago Costa)
  32. Jerusalem (feat. Mr. Lynx)
  33. Longing for the Day (feat. Avion Blackman)
  34. Iehovah (Jehovah) [feat. Dyna]
  35. Chapter and Verse (feat. Jennifer Howland, Sherwin Gardner & Lynette White)
  36. Run to You (feat. Avion Blackman & Sherwin Gardner)
  37. Most High