Outernational (Musicianaries Revisited in Dub)

February 25, 2021

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  1. You Are Loved (Funky Talk Box Dub)
  2. Trailblazers (Island Rapture Remix)
  3. Way Maker (Dub)
  4. Fisherman (Urban Wharf Remix)
  5. Kokopo (Duke of York Revisited)
  6. Imigongo (Rwandan Roots Remix) (feat. Faith Mussa & Rata Jah)
  7. All Things (Dark Dub Remix)
  8. Outsiders (Victims Dub) (Dub)
  9. Medicine For The World (Remedy Remix) (feat. Isaac Blackman & Nehilet Blackman)
  10. Four Corners (Frequent Flyer Dub)
  11. So Will I (Atmospheric Dub)
  12. Lock and Step (Rootical Remix)
  13. Beleza (Rio Roots Dub)
  14. Asante Sana [Roots Reinterpretation] (feat. TuneDem Band)
  15. His Blood (Grand Canyon Dub)
  16. Christ is Risen (Caminito Dub)
  17. At Any Cost (Solo Instrumental Remix)