Dub Sound and Power

April 12, 1999

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  1. Dub Inna De Night
  2. Dub of My Life
  3. Babylon Has Fallen
  4. Dubbing on the Frontline
  5. Lift Him up and Dub It up Daily
  6. Render Your Dub
  7. Why You Ago Look? (A Cappella)
  8. Selassie Say II (Interlude)
  9. Why You Ago Dub?
  10. Emancipation Dub-the-Nation
  11. My Other Radio (Interlude)
  12. The Dub's so Nice
  13. Dub and Fire
  14. Thief Inna De Night (A Cappella Interlude)
  15. Everyday Dubbing
  16. How You Fe Dub Me?
  17. As the Dub Goes By
  18. Dub Sound&Power