Christafari ministering with 'Bola de Neve' church in Rio de Janeiro.
Christafari ministering with ‘Bola de Neve’ church in Rio de Janeiro.

Michelle our translator, leading a homeless drug addict to Jesus Christ in Santos, Brazil.
On the streets of Rio de Janeiro witnessing during Carnaval in the favelas of Rocinha by ‘Bola de Neve’ Church.

Christafari connecting with the crowd of Sao Luis, Brazil!

Exactly 1 year ago this boy’s mother asked us to pray for his chronic ear inflammation. His doctor said that it was only a short matter of time before he’d go completely deaf. BUT GOD…

So we laid hands on him and prayed for him. The next day we learned that the inflammation had gone way down. When they went to the hospital, the doctor couldn’t explain it—he said that the boy had been healed.

We saw this boy this week in São Luis and he has his hearing back, no more inflammation and is fully healed… It’s truly a miracle! Thanks for sending us here!

Evangelizing and leading people to Christ during the Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro.

Nikita using dance to praise Him in our last Brazil tour!